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alvOS – The Operating System that works for you

A multi-layer Operating System, designed and developed to support cross-platform functionality, alvOS is founded upon our Autonomous Network methodologies. alvOS is enhanced with self-organizing capabilities, including self-provisioning, self-healing and self-protection that ensure a flexible and user-centered operating system. This means that the network is consistently maintained for optimal performance under virtually any condition.

alvOS saves time and maximizes efficiencies with advanced analyses and proactive measures, based on proprietary algorithms designed by experience.

As a committed contributor to the evolution of the global communications network we have equipped alvOS with a thick layer of APIs that allows us to build and incorporate Value Added Services, contributed by our partners throughout the ecosystem.

Self-provisioning, self-healing and self-protection
Wi-Fi roaming
Core integration with cellular and fixed-line operators
Centralized visibility and control via Alvarion’s Arena Controller
Web, SNMP, SSH management interfaces
Passpoint support
Versatile network operation modes such as Bridge, Router, Hotspot, CPE
Mesh functionality implemented Root AP, Mesh Point

The products are protected by one or more of the following patents and patent applications.

For the list of patents Click Here.


Avidity WBSac

 The Avidity WBSac product series is an evolution of Alvarion’s high performance outdoor Access Point, the Avidity series is compliant with IEEE 802.11ac and comprise of versatile indoor and outdoor platforms. >>

Bolster WBSn

The Bolster WBSn product series is engineered to perfection with an unparalleled coverage and capacity abilities built in an industrial IP68 enclosure, The Bolster series is compliant with IEEE 802.11n. >>

Arena Controller

The Arena Wi-Fi network controller is an essential element for constructing any Wi-Fi network, the controller allows straight forward service enablement and management for enterprises or any Wi-Fi outdoor deployment. >>

Wireless Backhaul

Breeze NETB®

Simple PtP solution

A comprehensive and highly-proficient portfolio of wireless point-to-point solutions that offers long range and high-capacity support for high bandwidth applications. Provides efficient, reliable and secure communications for voice and real-time applications including building-to building connectivity and backhaul services. >>

Breeze ULTRA™

High capacity PtP solution

To meet the challenges of today’s hyper-dynamic world, Alvarion brings the BreezeULTRA family, the highest capacity product in wireless broadband PtP license-exempt market. BreezeULTRA offers a bold combination of capacity, performance, organic growth and ease of use capabilities. >>


Point to Multi Point Solution

Available in a range of licensed and license-exempt frequencies in the 5 GHz bands for service providers (WISPs), municipalities, governments, enterprises and utilities around the world. >>

Breeze MAX Extreme®

WiMAX based Point to Multi Point Solution

BreezeMAX Extreme 5000 is the first wireless broadband solution to bring WiMAX 16e technology to the 5 GHz license-exempt market. This best-of-breed base station is designed for high end backhaul services. >>

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