Powerful wi-fi cloud controller

The Arena Controller

Arena is a focal point for controlling the Wi-Fi cloud, complementing Alvarion’s Carrier Wi- Fi solution. With cost-effective operations and scalable architecture Arena is an essential element for constructing large-scale carrier Wi-Fi networks for hotspot/hotzones and cellular offloading services.

Supports up to 5000 AP’s and 50,000 users per controller
Cost effective and scalable network architecture with centralized control plane and distributed data plane

Control and manage AP and backhaul radio, including statistic and reporting

Supports Ultra PtP radio, Indoor & Outdoor APs
Hides Wi-Fi access complexities
Download the Arena Controller datasheet
Autonomous AP unit detection, configuration and firmware distribution
Secured control layer management
Hotspots/Hotzones and cellular offloading services
Providing a single peer to the A A A
Support for wholesale business model with multiple hosted carriers, full security and service isolation

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