Smart and simple point-to-point

BreezeNET B™

Smart and Simple Point-to-Point

BreezeNET B is a comprehensive line of point-to-point solutions that enable efficient, reliable and secure communications for high-bandwidth applications. Its long range and high-capacity make BreezeNET B the preferred cost-effective solution for building-to-building connectivity and backhaul services, eliminating the necessity for expensive leased lines over wireline infrastructures.

High capacity, point-to-point, robust outdoor wireless solution
Flexible rate capacity options: B10, B14, B28, B100 reaching up to 100 Mbps
Long reach: over 60 km
Optimized uplink/downlink configuration to support different
business applications such as public safety and video surveillance
Robust performance in Non-Line-of-Sight (NLOS) environments
Simple deployment, management and maintenance

BreezeNET B offers Municipalities, Utilities Providers and Enterprises superior support of critical and real-time business applications, including public safety and video surveillance.

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