Capacity unleashed

BreezeULTRA™ P6000

Capacity unleashed

The highest capacity product in wireless broadband PtP license-exempt market, the BreezeULTRA product line meets the challenges of today’s hyper-dynamic world.

BreezeULTRA offers a bold combination of capacity, performance, organic growth and ease of use. BreezeULTRA offers up to 600 Mbps gross throughput per radio and long range, and offers fully flexible uplink/downlink allocation so you can meet your bandwidth needs precisely. An Alvarion flagship product line, the BreezeULTRA is enhanced with self-provisioning, self-healing and self-protection capabilities for maximum ease of use and efficiency.

BreezeULTRA offers operators the right balance between connectivity, capacity and coverage; a balance that is practical, profitable and affordable.

Ease of ordering, installation and configuration
Optimized for high capacity applications
High Performance – supporting up to 500 Mbps net throughput and distances of up to 50km / 32 miles (w/high-gain antenna)
Superior interference mitigation and NLOS performance
Quickly add capacity with pay-as-you-grow growth plan
Dynamic up-link /down-link bandwidth allocation
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