About Alvarion

Alvarion Technologies is a global provider of autonomous Wi-Fi networks designed with self-organizing capabilities that enable constantly optimized performance. We are guided by our belief that the sustainability of any network stems from the combined strength of its elements. We have developed an approach that is transforming Wi-Fi from a “dumb pipe” into a goldmine of actionable data.

Alvarion designs solutions for Carrier Wi-Fi, Enterprise Connectivity, Smart City, Smart Hospitality, Connected Campuses and Connected Events that are both complete and heterogeneous to ensure ease of use and optimize operational efficiency. Carriers, Local Governments and Hospitality sectors worldwide deploy our intelligent Wi-Fi networks to enhance productivity and performance, directly and for the long term.

With over 25,000 sites in over 95 countries, our experience and know-how has enabled us to become a proactive contributor to the evolution of the Global Communications Network. As in everything we do, our commitment to elevating the Wi-Fi experience is reflected in our offering.

Alvarion Values


Leveraging the inspiration of our employees and partners to lead our markets worldwide, providing a complete portfolio of value added services, from infrastructure to application, ensuring exciting experience to customers and end users


Providing wireless  solutions, that bring individuals, groups and communities closer together

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