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Video Surveillance

Video Surveillance over Wireless Networks

Video surveillance helps reduce street crime and creates an environment where people of all ages can work and play in safety and security. Freed from the need for—and cost of—wired infrastructure, wireless broadband networks let you quickly and cost-effectively deploy CCTV cameras in commercial areas, transportation hubs, schools, sports stadiums and more.

Wireless networks with video surveillance can also support Intelligent Traffic Systems (ITS), enabling cities to deploy bi-directional streaming, with upstream feeds from cameras to control centers and re-streamed to first responders and to traffic websites accessed by commuters. Moreover, wireless networks designed for video surveillance can also be successfully leveraged to provide Internet access and VoIP.

Alvarion’s wireless broadband solutions offer 100% privately-owned connectivity that supports 24/7 video surveillance where advanced wired infrastructure is unavailable or too costly to implement.

Benefits of Alvarion’s solutions for video surveillance:

  • Rapidly increase security in business and entertainment areas
  • Enforce zero-tolerance for school violence
  • Secure public sporting events and ceremonies
  • Speed situational awareness of first responders
  • Monitor traffic flow and hazards

Low Cost, Rapid Deployment
Roll out video surveillance without expensive CAPEX for adding or upgrade cables. Use wireless broadband to quickly deploy and connect video cameras in commercial areas, tourist sites, schools and stadiums. Rapidly secure public events with ad-hoc video surveillance that can be deployed in days not weeks or months.

Leased Line Replacement
Leverage your Alvarion wireless broadband network to eliminate costly leased lines. Utilize the radio modems deployed for backhauling video data—installed on public or private buildings, water towers and other elevated structures—to provide Internet access and VoIP to interconnect offices, government agencies, schools, utilities, and emergency services.

24 x 7 x 365, All-Weather Performance
Whether used for public safety, monitoring traffic, or scientific observation, video surveillance is a mission-critical application that demands maximum uptime. Alvarion wireless broadband solutions provide all-weather performance with maximum uptime—even on Mt. Everest.

Quality of Service
Quality of Service (QoS) ensures that each type of traffic on your wireless broadband network receives the bandwidth it needs. Video feeds are clear and readable while VoIP and Internet access meet the expectations of users.

Flexible, Modular Infrastructure
The modular nature of wireless infrastructure makes it easy to add or relocate video cameras as well as deploy video surveillance in new areas.

Topologies to Fit Your Needs
Design and deploy a video surveillance system that meets your technical and budgetary needs. Connect a single camera to a control center with a Point-to-Point link or connect several cameras using a Point-to-Multipoint (PtMP) link. For multiple cameras dispersed over an extended urban area, use a Point-to-Multipoint (PtMP) link combined with a high-capacity Point-to-Point (PTP) link to backhaul the pooled data to a control center.

Asymmetric Upload/Download
Adjustable, asymmetric upload and download rates cost-effectively deliver high-resolution video to police stations, fire stations, and emergency vehicles. As digital data, video feeds can be accessed from anywhere at any time, whether by public safety personnel on-location or commuters at home or in transit.

Power over Ethernet
Alvarion solutions utilize Power over Ethernet (PoE) to transfer both electrical power and data over Ethernet cabling. Deploying a wireless broadband solution with PoE alleviates the need to provide power outlets for your IP video cameras.

Fast Return On Investment
May provide up to 50% savings in CAPEX and OPEX with fewer sites per square mile/kilometer, higher network reliability, and enhanced quality of service.

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