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Alvarion Technologies Releases New Indoor Access Point Managed by Powerful Cloud Controller for Large Scale Carrier Wi-Fi Networks

Limitless High-Speed and Secure Connectivity Delivered By Most Complete Wi-Fi Package on the Market.

Alvarion Technologies, a global provider of wireless solutions including Wi-Fi, Point to Point and Point to Multi Point, announced today the release of their WBSIac Indoor Access Point (AP) and Arena Controller.

Alvarion Technologies’ carrier-grade Wi-Fi solution WBSIac is a high-performance IEEE 802.11ac and backward compatible 802.11a/b/g/n indoor access point controlled by the Arena Cloud Controller. WBSIac provides high throughput and trustworthy coverage required by challenging business applications.

“Alvarion Technologies provides a complete end to end Wi-Fi package with a leading radio management software including both Indoor/Outdoor AP and a cloud controller,” said Zeev Gross, VP R&D of Alvarion Technologies. “Alvarion Technologies’ experienced engineers have developed interference mitigation techniques that are based on our proprietary technology and legacy products. Our Arena controller provides the network focal point for Wi-Fi AP management and access control mediation in order to simplify network management and provisioning. We are proud to offer the most complete Wi-Fi package on the market and to continue to develop superior products and technology.”

The WBSIac is controlled, managed and analyzed by Alvarion Technologies’ very own cloud controller, the Arena. The Arena is a powerful and cost effective Wi-Fi mediation device between the operator’s control core and Wi-Fi infrastructure. Arena operates a scalable network architecture through a centralized control plane and distributed data plan. Acting as a focal point for controlling the Wi-Fi cloud, the controller complements existing Alvarion Technologies carrier-grade Wi-Fi solutions. By offering support for wholesale business models, with multiple hosted carriers and full security and service isolation, the Arena supports both Indoor and Outdoor APs.

Alvarion Technologies’ flexible Wi-Fi package, now with the addition of WBSIac and Arena Controller, combines superior grade performance and unlimited scalability at significantly lower costs for enterprises, governments and mobile operators in both rural and metro areas.

About Alvarion

Alvarion Technologies is a global provider of state-of-the-art wireless broadband solutions addressing the connectivity, coverage and capacity challenges of public and private networks. It has designed and manufactures a range of Wi-Fi solutions, wireless-based Point-to-Point and Point-to-Multipoint technologies. With over 25,000 sites in over 95 countries, Alvarion’s wireless portfolio has a proven record of reliability and performance. For more information, please visit


Alvarion Technologies Advanced Wireless Base Station Certified by Wi-Fi Alliance® for Passpoint 1.0

Wi-Fi equipment providing high-performance coverage meets industry-agreed standards as Alvarion enters Smart Cities and High-Density Event markets.

Alvarion Technologies, a global provider of wireless solutions including Wi-Fi, Point-to-point and Point-to-Multi-point, announced today their WBSn 2400 base stations are now Wi-Fi CERTIFIED for Passpoint 1.0 by the internationally recognized Wi-Fi Alliance®. Wi-Fi CERTIFIED Passpoint™ automates the entire process of finding and authenticating to a Wi-Fi network, enabling a cellular-like experience when connecting to Wi-Fi. The Passpoint certification marks Alvarion Technologies' ability to provide advanced, reliable and cost effective Wi-Fi solutions as they solidify their place in the Smart Cities and High-Density Event markets.

Alvarion Technologies' WBSn carrier-grade Wi-Fi solutions enable network operators, governments, municipalities and enterprises to deliver high quality Wi-Fi solutions in metro and rural areas, with significantly fewer base stations, and at much lower costs. Such solutions provide a high standard of reliability, quality of service, security and manageability. Alvarion Technologies provides the optimal solution with a full end-to-end Wi-Fi package, including outdoor AP, indoor AP and controller. With fewer sites required per covered area, consumers see a positive increase in ROI.

"We are pleased to announce Passpoint certification," says Giora Levi, CEO of Alvarion Technologies. "Alvarion Technologies, with over a decade of experience of working with industrial wireless communications, is perfectly situated to offer our consumers a complete Wi-Fi package, and to take cities and high-density events into the next generation of an ultra-connected society."

The Wi-Fi Alliance certification program is designed to provide a single industry-wide solution for seamless access to Wi-Fi mobile broadband, and to create a common foundation allowing carriers and service providers to rapidly expand Wi-Fi roaming agreements. With multi-provider Wi-Fi roaming, subscribers benefit from connectivity in more hotspots than those provided by their own service.

About Alvarion

Alvarion Technologies is a global provider of end-to-end wireless solutions including Wi-Fi, Point-to-Point, and Point-to-Multi-Point. Alvarion Technologies offers a wide range of products enabling anytime, anywhere connectivity. Allowing customers to expand their network and subscriber base, Alvarion Technologies provides tailored solutions for Smart Cities, stadiums and High-Density Events. With over 25,000 sites in over 95 countries, Alvarion Technologies truly has a global footprint. For more information, please visit


Alvarion Technologies Announces Japan Radio Equipment Certification by MiCom Labs for its BreezeULTRA High Capacity Point to Point Solution

Highest capacity product in wireless broadband PtP license-exempt market meets Japan industry-agreed standards as Alvarion enables high quality links to metro and rural areas. Alvarion Technologies, a global provider of wireless solutions including W...

Alvarion’s transformation: positioning wireless products and Smart City solutions

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Winncom Technologies Continues to Offer Its Distribution Services for Alvarion Technologies

Winncom is proud to continue its long-standing partnership with Alvarion Technologies, offering customers the complete Alvarion portfolio.

Alvarion Technologies Ltd, a global leader of Wi-Fi solutions, has renewed its distribution partnership with Winncom Technologies. With its new professional management, sales team, and great products and services, Alvarion believes that this continued relationship will bring great value to many customers. Winncom will continue selling the entire portfolio of Alvarion solutions.

Headquartered in Cleveland, Ohio, Winncom Technologies is a worldwide distributor and provider of networking solutions for the wireless and wired markets. They offer a comprehensive range of wireless networking products for multiple markets and applications. Winncom will be distributing Alvarion’s PTP, PTMP, WiMAX, Wi-Fi solutions, and more to wireless carriers, value added resellers (VARs)/integrators, and dealers throughout the world.

Winncom is committed to staying at the forefront of the global networking industry; continuing its partnership with Alvarion Technologies illustrates this vision while bringing customers the latest technologies to satisfy the growing demand for high-bandwidth wireless connectivity. Its excellent customer service and forward-thinking business model have earned the company a stellar reputation and contributed to building its network of resellers and integrators to over 8,000 worldwide. Winncom's experience and engineering resources make the company a leader in providing superb pre-sales consulting and post-sales support to its clients. Focused on high-yield solutions and deployments, Winncom chooses to align itself with vendors who share its forward-thinking goals and values.

“We are happy to welcome back Alvarion Technologies, a world-class brand, to our rapidly growing portfolio of wireless/outdoor solutions. Based on years of a successful joint partnership, we believe that this relationship will continue to bring great value to our customers with the company's unique vision and product offering for many applications,” said Igor Kurochkin, VP, Global Vendor Management and Marketing at Winncom.

Alvarion Technologies' “umbrella” solutions allow its customers to provide additional services and applications to the end customers. Alvarion Technologies has been known for years in the industry and its products have a great reputation for providing complete wireless turnkey solutions. Alvarion’s focus on Smart City solutions and its excellent wireless infrastructure will enable them to offer customers a variety of solutions, such as wireless water meters, smart transportation solutions, and more. Alvarion also continues to deliver the Wi-Fi standard, 802.11ac technology, into the market today.

“Alvarion's extensive track record in the implementation of smart city projects offers the opportunity for managing cities more effectively, anticipating and solving problems more cost-effectively, and raising economic prosperity and quality of life. Integrating smart approaches to public safety, communications, utilities, traffic control, transport management, healthcare, and energy, Alvarion's turnkey solutions based on its Wi-Fi infrastructure partnered with Winncom’s distribution capabilities, is a great choice,” said Ronen Dolev, VP Global Sales at Alvarion Technologies.

About Alvarion
Alvarion Technologies is in an extraordinary position to help our customers meet the growth opportunities in the marketplace with an offering that will address the increasingly complex requirements of wireless broadband networks. Alvarion offers a wide range of products in both unlicensed and licensed bands enabling anytime, anywhere connectivity, allowing customers to expand their network and subscriber base. Alvarion provides tailored solutions based on our optimized wireless broadband equipment while addressing the challenges of many different applications. Our innovative solutions use multiple technologies covering the various smart city aspects such as security, transportation, first-responders, education, utilities, and other community services. For more information, please visit

About Winncom
Winncom Technologies, a premier value-added distributor, works with leading manufacturers to provide cutting-edge network solutions and premium support services. With a far-reaching, international scope, Winncom remains at the forefront of the global technology marketplace, demonstrating a reputation for quality solutions, a full range of network infrastructure and access products, and a customer-centered business model. The company offers one of the industry’s most notable product portfolios along with its scalable solutions, world-class customer service, and outstanding support. Winncom's extensive experience and engineering resources make it possible to identify, design, and implement the most efficient and cost-effective solutions based on a combination of the latest technologies. With its worldwide presence, Winncom is able to provide the highest level of pre-sales consulting and post-sales engineering support to its customers. For more information, please visit, email at sales(at)winncom(dot)com, or call 1-888-WINNCOM (1-888-946-6266). Please connect with us on social media at the following: Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn.