A truly manageable 5G communications network – what will it take?

Networks are evolving into living, breathing and “thinking” entities, and with the coming 5G will be composed of millions of heterogeneous elements that will operate in unison – and must be manageable.   We believe that the key to delivering on…

Benefits of Smart Streetlights

As municipalities across the world are forced to shut off streetlights, both citizens and local-governments are faced with a harsh reminder of the high cost of keeping their streets lit. In a bid to reduce these costs, lights around the…

SDN in 5th generation mobile networks

Since its very foundation in 2001 Alvarion has been one of the most innovative companies in the wireless market. Now that many wireless service providers are deploying their 4G networks Alvarion Technologies wants to go one step beyond and has…

Stadiums Can Up Their Fan Game

A study released late 2014 announcing that 89% of college students owned a smartphone and actually preferred their smart phone over a tablet. Rest assured that by the end of 2015 we will see an increase in this number as…

Wi-Fi Is The New Downtown Loft

For decades now, developers, municipalities and governments have been using adaptive repurposing to transform old buildings and spaces into modern, trendy, useable spaces in attempt to increase the “cool factor” of their city as they struggle to attract business, tourism…