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Verizon Avenue Deploys in Chatham and Highland, Ill. USA

by Kurt Mackie  Verizon Avenue,, is using Alvarion's,, fixed wireless technology to connect residential and small business customers in the communities of Chatham and Highland, Ill  The company worked w...

Mpower Announces Initial Deployment of Fixed Wireless Broadband Network in Las Vegas

NETWORLD + INTEROP Intel/Alvarion Streaming Video Application Riding Mpower Fixed Wireless Network at Networld+InterOp Show   LAS VEGAS - NETWORLD + INTEROP - May 4, 2005 - Mpower Communications Corp. (AMEX:MPE), a leading provider of data a...

Burkina Faso’s ONATEL Expands Wireless Broadband Network with Additional Alvarion Equipment

by Robert Hoskins Alvarion Technologies Ltd. (NASDAQ:ALVR) announced that ONATEL (Office Nationale des Telecommunications), the national exchange carrier of Burkina Faso, has deployed an additional $4 million worth of Alvarion equipment. This is the ...

BT Maxes on Wireless

By Justin Springham Incumbent wireline operator BT Group plc (NYSE: BT - message board; London: BTA) is gearing up for a commercial wireless broadband network launch in Britain this year, but is keeping its distance from hype surrounding the developme...

Alvarion reports 2004 WiMAX sales of US$200m

Alvarion, the fixed wireless network specialist, said this week that sales from pre-standard WiMAX equipment reached US$200 million last year and claimed that this means the technology is now a credible business. "This is a real market," said Rudy Les...