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Distributed Antenna Systems Meet Skyrocketing Mobile Data Demand

Mobile data is growing exponentially for both consumers and business professionals. In 2010, mobile devices generated three times more data traffic than the entire Internet in the year 2000, and Cisco Systems in 2010 predicted that global mobile data traffic will more than double every year, from now until 2014.

So what’s driving this growth? Not surprisingly the rise of smartphones, tablets, laptops, and a host of other mobile devices is enabling individuals to access information from anywhere and at anytime. Increasingly businesses and government agencies are mobilizing their workforces; people no longer are chained to their desktops whether working from their home office, the local coffee shop, or roaming within the corporate campus environment.

Furthermore, the change in the type of data that’s being consumed is driving this growth. A shift from traditional voice data to streaming video, work document collaboration, mobile business applications, and telepresence meetings has been driving change in the work environment.

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New broadband wireless network for Morupule Colliery

Internal communications at the Morupule Colliery, in Botswana, have been boosted by the addition of a new broadband wireless network, designed by South Africa's Duxbury Networking, and installed in partnership with local IT specialist, KBF Technologies...

New WiMax technology from Alvarion to help municipalities optimise utility network infrastructure

Local municipalities are the backbone of any functioning city, providing valuable services including water, electricity, sewerage, traffic management, security and refuse removal, among other things. Municipalities can now invest in multi-purpose, cit...

Wireless broadband, mobile phones to connect Africa

The penetration of mobile phones in many African countries is higher than the world average. Data on the number of mobile subscriptions per 100 people show that penetration rates in Algeria, South Africa, Gabon, Tunisia, Mauritius, Botswana, Morocco an...

Utilities smart grids in particular – drive WiMAX market growth

A new report from market research firm Infonetics Research indicates that the WiMAX equipment market is one of the few areas of the mobile infrastructure market to see a dramatic uptick in revenue growth year over year in the first quarter.

While the rest of the mobile infrastructure market (2G/3G/4G) saw a 14.4% year-over-year increase in revenues during the first quarter, WiMAX saw a 49% increase year over year. The performance was driven by the expansion of existing networks and by the growing utility and smart-grid segment, which, according to Richard Webb, directing analyst for WiMAX at Infonetics Research, “is proving fruitful for WiMAX vendors.”

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