InnoWave Broadband, INC., Introduces SpeedWave 155 SONET/SDH Radio Product

Exhibited at Broadband Wireless World Forum, Booth 925, February 19-21
San Francisco SAN FRANCISCO, Calif., February 19, 2001 - InnoWave Broadband, Inc., a leading worldwide independent wireless solutions provider, today introduced its newest wireless broadband product, the SpeedWave(tm) 155, at the Broadband Wireless World Forum, in Booth 925, in Moscone Center, San Francisco, February 19 and 20.

The SpeedWave 155 product is an OC-3/STM-1 family of point-to-point digital microwave radios designed to meet the demanding requirements of high-speed, SONET/SDH transmission in global networks. Available for shipment this quarter, the SpeedWave 155 radio is a wireless solution for transmission of 155 Mbps, fiber-like capacity in FCC and ETSI frequency bands ranging from 18 to 38 GHz. The product is designed for use in last-mile access, backhaul and backbone transport applications in networks worldwide.

"The SpeedWave 155 product line represents a new generation of broadband, digital radio technology," said Jim Dickerman, InnoWave Broadband's vice president of engineering. "It makes available the best-of-the-best; namely, the solid, proven technologies from the last 3-4 years of high-frequency, high-capacity wireless development packaged into the lightest, most compact product available. One person can easily install our lightweight SpeedWave 155 system in under an hour, and that means a faster time-to-service and a faster time-to-revenue for our network operator customers. In addition, we've added features that allow radio terminal access over the Web for network element management and field upgrades from an Internet connection anywhere in the world."

"The SpeedWave 155 radio gives our customers the greatest amount of flexibility in a broadband access system," commented Paul Obert, senior vice president of sales." It provides ATM-over-SONET/SDH or IP-over-SONET/SDH. And, customers can have up to 3xDS-3/E3 and 100Base-T Fast Ethernet capability as well. We're pleased to bring this new line of radio solutions to our US and international customers."

In addition to the new SpeedWave 155 product line, InnoWave Broadband (formerly WinNet MCS, Inc.) was an early developer of 100 Mbps radios, becoming a market leader in wireless Fast Ethernet and IP technologies for data network interconnection. Responding to the current and growing demands for telecom carriers to combine broadband data access and voice, InnoWave Broadband has added the SpeedWave 155 radio. As a result, the Company is now well positioned to drive and deliver ATM telecom and Fast Ethernet/IP technologies to network service providers and enterprise network managers worldwide.

"When we combine our broadband offerings with the point-to-multipoint offerings of our parent company, InnoWave ECI Wireless Systems, Ltd., it is clear that we are creating a wireless solutions powerhouse," added InnoWave Broadband President and CEO Moshe Nattiv. "InnoWave, as a total company, is providing broadband and narrowband end-to-end solutions for small to large networks in the global communications marketplace."

With headquarters in Sunnyvale, Calif., InnoWave Broadband, Inc., is a pioneer in the development of data-centric wireless broadband technologies. The Company's compact, easy to use SpeedWave microwave radios, with capacities of 100-155 Mbps, combine the best of data networking, telecommunications and Web technologies to deliver Fast-Ethernet, IP and ATM communications in global networks. Additional information can be found on the Company's website at

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