A truly manageable 5G communications network – what will it take?

Networks are evolving into living, breathing and “thinking” entities, and with the coming 5G will be composed of millions of heterogeneous elements that will operate in unison – and must be manageable.   We believe that the key to delivering on…

Southern African Wireless Communication – Wi-Fi in Rwandan schools

Nov.-Dec. 2015, Volume 20 Wi-Fi in Rwandan schools Balton CP has deployed a high-speed Wi-Fi solution from Alvarion in more than 15 higher learning institutions throughout Rwanda. The project, funded through the Rwanda Board of Development, means tens of thousands…

Enabling Progress through Wireless Broadband in Africa – A personal account of a door opener technology and its growing effect on education

by Giora Levi, CEO, Alvarion   It was Confucius, the great political educator who said: “If you think in terms of a year, plant a seed; if in terms of ten years, plant trees; if in terms of 100 years,…

SELFNET – Framework for Self-Organized Network Management in Virtualized and Software Defined Networks (SDN)

About the Project SELFNET is a 36 month Horizon 2020 EU project which was funded as part of the 5G-PPP programme to address the strand Network Management challenge, with a budget of 6,87 million Euros. The project consortium is composed…

Alvarion Signs Master Distribution Agreement with Winncom Technologies

The renewed agreement has been expanded to include numerous geographical areas

Alvarion Technologies, a global provider of high-speed, high-performance Wi-Fi solutions, has renewed its distribution agreement with partner, Winncom Technologies. Under the agreement, Winncom will distribute Alvarion's full suite of Wi-Fi solutions to CALA, Eastern Europe, Africa, and North America. Alvarion's Wi-Fi solutions combine superior-grade performance and unlimited scalability to enable high-speed connectivity for carriers, smart cities, campuses, stadiums and high-density venues.

"We are excited to be expanding our agreement with Alvarion, a partner that enables us to offer our customers proven, vertically-driven solutions that address their ongoing needs with excellence and reliability," said Igor Kurochkin, VP, Global Vendor Management and Marketing at Winncom.

Alvarion Wi-Fi solutions are globally proven to grant customers powerful wireless connectivity that meets their current and future needs. Delivering Wi-Fi connectivity to these new geographical areas will support their development and grant them the necessary competitive edge to succeed in today's economy.

"Winncom is a valued partner, and we are proud to be expanding this relationship. We are confident that our Wi-Fi solutions will continue to bring Winncom's worldwide customers the value that is associated with our comprehensive solutions and technology,” said Giora Levi, CEO at Alvarion Technologies. "Winncom’s in-depth familiarity with customer needs helps to position them as a go-to value-added distributor."


About Alvarion Technologies

Alvarion Technologies is a global provider of state-of-the-art wireless broadband solutions addressing the connectivity, coverage and capacity challenges of public and private networks. It has designed and manufactures a range of Wi-Fi solutions, wireless-based Point-to-Point and Point-to-Multipoint technologies. With over 25,000 sites in over 95 countries, Alvarion’s wireless portfolio has a proven record of reliability and performance.

About Winncom Technologies
Winncom Technologies, a premier value-added distributor, works with leading manufacturers to provide cutting-edge network solutions and premium support services. With a far-reaching, international scope, Winncom remains at the forefront of the global technology marketplace, demonstrating a reputation for quality solutions, a full range of network infrastructure and access products, and a customer-centered business model. The company offers one of the industry’s most notable product portfolios along with its scalable solutions, world-class customer service, and outstanding support. Winncom's extensive experience and engineering resources make it possible to identify, design, and implement the most efficient and cost-effective solutions based on a combination of the latest technologies.