Heterogeneous networks by Alvarion

Powerful performance emerged from simplicity and scalability

Carrier Wi-Fi

Mobile traffic has long surpassed the capabilities of single-network technology. Heterogeneous networks composed of various underlying radio technologies are now deployed to enable practical, cost-effective solutions.

The last decade has established Wi-Fi as the most successful and cost-effective technology to support Telco’s current market sustainability and future progress. Wi-Fi networks are a flexible solution to the challenge faced by Mobile operators – ever-growing capacity demands

Alvarion’s Wi-Fi network solution helps mobile network operators (MNO), Wireless ISPs, and providers of large Wi-Fi deployments fill this gap quickly and implement long-term strategies for successful upkeep


With the best interference management suite in the market that enables higher throughput and better coverage, Alvarion Carrier Wi-Fi offers operators a complete solution that supports both CAPEX and OPEX control

Powerful radio performance, Superior signal penetration and improved capacity

Proven performance in NLOS and high interference scenarios

Enhanced coverage with a reduced number of access points

Full integration with the mobile core , Centralized control plane and distributed data plane

Case Study

ZapFi Belgium


PAN-European WiFi Operator


  • ZapZone hot zone services in Luxembourg, Belgium, Netherlands and Italy
  • 500 WiFi access points and more access points

  • Business model: free internet, targeted advertising, location, time and end-user profiling

  • Wholesale services to BelgaCom

San Luis Telecom, Argentina


Community internet access


  • Internet access for the entire community, schools, students, companies, factories, municipalities and hotels
  • 84 towns, blanket coverage

  • 500 Bolster WBS

  • 14% children at school via Intel Classmate laptops

Powerful performance, operational simplicity, unlimited scalability

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