Wi-Fi is setting educational campuses free. Give your institution and your community the gift of progress

Connected Campuses

Today’s students, also known as ‘Generation Y’ or ‘Millennials’ have become dependent on the Internet as a source of information, an accessible resource for research and as an obvious channel of communication. Wi-Fi, with its ease of use and quick setup, has emerged as the choice technology for campus connectivity



Engage with students on and around the campus and enhance the learning experience in all its aspects. Offer them an advanced studying experience


Give your students an option to experience a deeper and more complex learning the way they like and used to, through the internet


Alvarion Connected Campus offers complete Wi-Fi coverage for an entire educational campus, simultaneously supporting several hundred students, and utilizing a minimum number of access points

Autonomously optimized performance with self-configuration, self-protection and self-healing capabilities

Empowers students and enables engagement for a consistently enhanced experience

Provides high-speed and secure connectivity and coverage both indoors and outdoors

Facilitates e-learning and remote learning program development

Case Study

LATU Uruguay


WiFi coverage in Montevideo a widespread rural area.


  • WiFi coverage in Montevideo via mobile infrastructures, governmental facilities and towers

  • Internet coverage for 1,000+ schools and villages

  • Working on OLPC laptops (XO)

  • 600 access points deployed

Maryland, USA


Wireless backbone in Maryland campuses


  • Connectivity to schools/libraries throughout Maryland

  • Broadband internet access

  • Access to all research databases

  • 30 Mbps per link

  • Fully secured and encrypted

Wi-Fi across campus will empower students and enable a more efficient administration at controlled costs

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