Game changing Wi-Fi experience

Step up your game with a venue that connects. Give your attendees great experiences

Connected Events

Ball games, conferences, concerts, trade shows. These events are attracting increasingly vast audiences – all equipped with cell phones that will be used throughout the venue. Attendees expect to remain connected during the event, and are often overwhelmed by choice when it comes to additional purchase during the show. On the other hand, event organizers are pressured to provide superior experiences and are missing out on endless sales and sponsorship opportunities due to their inability to connect in real time.



allow for free network access that will enable your audience to stay always connected

Live Concerts

you cannot stop your audience from sharing their experience online

Hospitality venues

go a long way in order to provide premium hospitality


Optimized connectivity

Event organizers engagement with their audience

Increased sales and revenue via targeted promotions

Autonomously optimized performance

New revenue-making opportunities like mobile ads and betting

Improved visitor experience through new services

Attracting fans by connecting the on-stadium experience to their always-online culture

Case Study

Download Festival UK


Provide free access tp the Wi-Fi network in main, camping and VIP areas


  • 13,000 people connected, nearly 10,000 tracked concurrently
  • 2.2TB data passed over the network, averaging 1m logging in at registration time:

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