Welcome your guests with a winning Wi-Fi experience

Monetize on Smart Hospitality

Connected Hospitality

For anyone in the hospitality business, success is dependent on customer satisfaction – and today’s customer needs Wi-Fi everywhere as we are ‘always connected’. Wi-Fi is more than a guest amenity, it’s a prerequisite for enhancing productivity and for doing smart business



whether it is business or pleasure your guests wants to stay connected during their staying


allow your diners share their meal delight with their friends and engage them with original activities


location based services that enhance customer experience


Turn the flight waiting into a pleasant experience for the traveler and into a profitable time for the businesses around


Know your visitor preferences while they shop in order to offer them suitable proposals

Convention halls

Provide your audience with high-speed and secure connectivity that will encourage them to do business and derive the most from the conference


The Alvarion Wi-Fi solution for hospitality is designed to meet the needs of your customers as well as those of your business

Allow your visitors and customers an easy way to stay on line while they are enjoying your hospitality

Monetize and enhance guest experience with targeted offerings via a custom landing page or directly to the device

Opt for our flexible, cost-effective network that is easily managed and autonomously optimized

Deploy an industry-dedicated solution that is both proven and powerful

Case Study

Misty Hills, Johannesburg SA


WiFi connectivity throughout the complex while considering its widespread terrain.


  • 215 stone built rooms

  • 22 meeting rooms

  • Restaurants

  • Tens of action points

Eleven site surveys of the property were done by various WiFi specialists. Some left without wanting to quote, others just disappeared. But one company, Alvarion and its local partner Q-Kon SA, felt confident that their Beamforming technology would be able to make it work”.

Pierre Goffinet – Group IT Manager

Parque Santiago Tenerife


Blanket WiFi coverage indoors and outdoors at the largest hotel in South Europe


  • 1400 rooms

  • Traffic prioritization

  • Apartment vacancy management

  • Hotel administration

Alvarion Wi-Fi is a simple, smart and dedicated solution that will help you enhance experience and build loyalty - today and for the long term

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