Enabling mobile communication while keeping enterprises safe

Secure Wi-Fi

Enterprises today want to create a mobile environment allowing their employees and guests access to the network while maintaining the necessary network security. Security threats are from within the network not just vulnerable to cyber-attacks. In today’s reality we want to allow our employees and guests to bring their own devices (BYOD), we want to allow for straight forward collaboration and we want to provide flexible network access to our guests, Alvarion’s Secure Wi-Fi will enable enterprises the flexibility and mobility while incorporating enhanced registration and screening methods as well as security management and monitoring tools

Alvarion’s Enterprise Connectivity solution is a complete WiFi solution, that offers IT managers a secure and scalable solution for both indoor and outdoor connectivity small to medium offices


A panoramic view of what’s going on in the offices of any enterprise would show us employees using up to 3 mobile devices (smartphone, tablet, laptop) that require powerful Wi-Fi connectivity. It would also show us visitors and customers attempting to log on the minute they enter the premises. Now you need to address the important question of flexibility versus security

All in one enterprise grade security suite

Secure home working

Policy control employees and guests

Proactive vulnerability assessment, reactive to inside threats

Find out how you can start providing secure, flexible Wi-Fi to your corporate and guest users with minimum effort – today.