The Urban experience by Alvarion

Smart Cities

Modern cities are increasingly challenged to be energy efficient and attractive to new and existing residents. They are also challenged to acquire these qualities without surpassing their often-limited budgets. Stepping up to meet social and financial city challenges, today requires a readiness to embrace the dedicated technologies that are enhancing everyday life for municipal operators and residents across the globe. The backbone to these technologies is the wireless communications network. By simply adding a digital layer to the physical world, we make the city smarter

Efficient city

Empowers municipalities and enables more efficient administration at controlled costs. With Wi-Fi established as a straightforward commodity communication technology, it is easily connected with the growing range of smart applications in the fields of lighting, water and transportation for enhance efficiency and cost control

Attractive city

The modern life style is heavily dependent on online access using mobile platforms. Cultural and social experiences are incomplete without the ability to share media across social networks in real time. Offering affordable, reliable high speed broadband is a must in order to attract the young and create a cool atmosphere across the city


Offer residents and visitors a connected, dynamic urban experience

Engage communities, encourage involvement & foster commitment

Connect smart applications to the city-wide wireless network

Empower the city’s leadership with real-time actionable insights

Case Study

Bahia Carnival, Brazil


Monitoring and controlling public safety at the largest party in the world.


  • Deployment of 100’s of Bolster Wi-Fi Access Points

  • A few cameras per Access Point, supporting high resolution

  • Operation network for city officials (QoS)

  • Public Wi-Fi access

Houston, Texas


Cost-effective, multi service smart city network serving over 30 different applications.


  • Free Wi-Fi hot zones: community broadband across 27 neighborhoods

  • City facility internet access, service for schools and churches

  • Water, Meter Reading (AMR), improving productivity and maintenance

  • Transportation, wireless parking meters and traffic control

With Alvarion’s autonomous Wi-Fi network your Smart City is future-ready, addressing your efficiency and sustainability needs

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