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Smart Cities

Build a better city with your residents

The challenge
Modern cities encounter two types of challenges: financial and social. Financial challenges relate to the ever increasing expenses in the areas of utilities and energy, as well as the increasing load over infrastructure.

Local communities suffer from the tendency of many young residents to prefer large, vibrant metropolitan areas over their home towns. Therefore, these towns face challenges such as reducing the attrition rate in their local communities, increasing the rate of return for young residents who left, and attracting new populations.

Smarter cities are better equipped to meet these challenges successfully and increase residents’ long term satisfaction. Technology can be implemented to increase both the efficiency of cities and their attractiveness to young people.

A smarter city is a more efficient city
A modern wireless network is the backbone of a smarter city. By simply adding a digital layer to the physical world, we make the city smarter.

Different applications can then be connected to the wireless network. Smart applications in the fields of lighting, water and transportation increase the city’s efficiency.

The wireless network connects the smart applications all across the city to a central monitoring system, enabling on-going control, measurement, analysis and decision making for city leaders and residents alike.

A smarter city is a more attractive city
The modern life style is heavily dependent on online access using mobile platforms. Cultural and social experiences are incomplete without the ability to share media across social networks in real time. Offering affordable, reliable high speed broadband is a must in order to attract the young and create a cool atmosphere across the city.

A local wireless network is therefore the key to increasing the attractiveness of the city. It enables the transformation of public spaces into vibrant social centers, in which young people can work, meet, hang out and share their experiences with others. Various social applications can be developed to further increase social interactions. Sharing walking routes in the city is just one example.

Make your city a smarter city

  • Build a better city with your residents – start today! Engage communities, encourage involvement & foster commitment.
  • Offer newcomers a connected, dynamic urban experience. Attract incoming visitors & residents with a contemporary city that lives today.
  • Make your city energy efficient with smart street light solutions. Support long-term to sustainability, enable cost-savings.
  • Enhance everyday city living with smart transportation. Introduce advanced traffic management, inspire productivity.
  • Be a city that watches over its seniors. Support ubiquitous connectivity, empower care-givers.
  • Empower the city’s leadership by providing actionable insights. Give decision makers real-time information that counts.

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