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Wavion - now an Alvarion company

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Alvarion® Completes Acquisition of Wavion

Carrier-Grade Wi-Fi Solutions

Alvarion’s Wi-Fi solutions were acquired from Wavion in 2011. The carrier-grade Wi-Fi solution is a complete end-to-end solution for outdoor Wi-Fi applications in metro and rural areas. Our Wi-Fi solutions ensure service operators, municipalities and enterprises are able to deploy robust carrier-grade wireless networks quickly and effectively.

With outstanding coverage and high capacity, Alvarion's solutions enable service providers, communities and enterprises to deliver high quality service in urban and rural applications while potentially reducing CAPEX and OPEX by more than 50%.

Wi-Fi Applications

Greater total value
Alvarion’s solutions are comprised of best-of-breed components including WBSn base station portfolio, WCPEn CPE portfolio, Access Controllers portfolio, backhaul and billing & provisioning systems. We, at Alvarion, have spent significant time and effort in developing unique technologies and products and optimizing the solution for each specific application.

MobileData Mobile Data Offloading BusinessAccess Business Access
Residentia Residential Access SmartCities Smart Cities
video Video Surveillance education Education


Confidence and short time to market
Alvarion’s solutions have been tested and certified by numerous customers as well as our engineering and expert teams to ensure:

  • Interoperability and integration between every solution component
  • Optimization for various applications in both urban and rural settings

Wi-Fi Products

WBS Wi-Fi Base Stations
WBSn Wi-Fi Base Stations

Alvarion Wi-Fi WBSnFamliy

Wi-Fi Technology

Two-way Beamforming with 802.11n
Alvarion’s technology combines Tx and Rx spatially adaptive Beamforming and 802.11n 3x3:3 MIMO for optimal coverage and capacity. The true spatially adaptive Beamforming technology leverages a unique High Gain Diversely Polarized (HGDP) antenna array for maximum performance. The Beamforming significantly increases the link gain and interference immunity. With 3x3 MIMO and three spatial data streams, Alvarion’s base stations set up a new market milestone delivering up to Gigabit per second capacity and 450 Mbps data speeds.

Interference Immunity Suite
Alvarion’s Interference Immunity Suite combines the Beamforming inherent ability to suppress interference, the Dynamic Interference Handling (DIH) algorithm for continuous receiver’s parameters optimization according to noise level, Automatic Channel Selection (ACS) algorithm for optimal selection of the operating channel, Automatic Rate Adaptation (WARA) for optimal rate selection for any environment, and Down Tilted Antennas (DTA) and sector antennas capability to reject interference out of their field-of-view.

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